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At Imperial Events we take the wedding planning off your shoulders, but never out of your hands.  Contact us today for your One on One Consultation.  and let Sandy purchase you a coffee, tea or cocktail. If you are watching your calories or not the coffee, tea or cocktail type let's indulge in a wonderful pedicure.  To contact our office directly dial (678) 860 - 1766 or via email at

Yes we are continuing to grow in corporate and social events as well! Contact us today to see how we are be able to assist you in the planning process of your event. We have also partner with some fabulous wedding and event industry professionals to add additional services to meet our clients needs. In need of travel for family, friends or business contact G2G Travel. We are proud to say that we are now authorized dealers of Carlson Craft, you can find all of your stationary needs at Imperial Events Carlson Craft. Our  contact information is the same for corporate and social events as it is for our wedding clients. 


Imperial Events Services 


Blue is known to be an Imperial color of China, which symbolizes royalty or high rank. Here at Imperial Events we love for all of our clients to feel that they are royalty, but the one package that will truly allow them to experience royalty throughout the entire planning process is our Blue Wedding Package. This full planning service package is for the bride or couple that has a very busy schedule, travels frequently, or lives out of town and need someone to be there every step of the way throughout the process of the planning as well as their Big Day.  Imperial Events will still include you in every decision and detail of the wedding planning, as this is your day and we want your personality to show through each element.

Pearls are also used and prized throughout Chinese culture. Just like the royal color blue and the gemstone jade, saltwater pearls still remain popular in China to this day.  As we well know pearls take a while to grow, and for our client that has taking the time to get every aspect of their planning complete we understand that long process and the Pearl Wedding Package is for you. Just like a pearl can not be created in one day neither can your wedding. Our month of planning services helps us to get to know all the different aspects you have put into place for your Big Day. This package also allows Sandy the opportunity to tie up any lose ends or small details that you may have missed before your wedding day. As well as give you the same service on your Big Day as the Blue and Jade package. 

Jade, also known as "Chinese Imperial Jade" is known to be one of the most prominent and prized materials used in Chinese Jewelry. Just like the "Chinese Imperial Jade", our Jade Wedding Package is one of our most prominent services outside of our Blue Wedding Package. This partial planning service package is for the bride or couple that have completed some of their wedding planning, but still may need assistance with finding other wedding professionals as well as prioritize and stay on task during the wedding planning process. This package is also great for that client who has a lot of  ideas about their wedding theme or decor, but need someone with a creative aspect to assist them with bringing their ideas to life.